Thursday, 5 August 2010

Simple solutions

Ronald Reagan once argued that:

"They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong."

Well the Chinese believe they have found an simple solution to the tensions between public transport and traffic.  The intend to introduce a raised bus/tram that enables it to travel along and drop off passengers without disrupting traffic flow.

From a quick glance disability access to and from the raised platforms could be an issue (not something the Chinese particularly concern themselves with) and there could be some issues at traffic junctions.  However it is still worth keeping an eye on especially as they are pledging it'll be introduced in 2011.  Perhaps they should have a word with Wrightbus.


Chekov said...

It might work in somewhere disciplined like Singapore. In Belfast it'd still have to navigate the twats in 4 * 4s or taxis straddling two lanes. I'd love to see it get round Broadway roundabout without an accident!

Frank said...

Certainly an odd idea from China. However there does need to be more railway lines put back to get people to their work places, shopping and leisure facilities and home again. In the UK the Scottish Parliament are leading the way by reopening lines, mostly using Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) and some with Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs). Is it not time that Ulster with new DMUs on NIR had some more lines, like Portadown to Armagh City?