Wednesday, 18 August 2010

More than a no

Jeff Dudgeon has made his contribution to the Union 2021 series and I was somewhat surprised by his very bold pronouncement but equally negative one that:

"One hundred per cent of unionists do not want a united Ireland. Unlike nationalists, we are defined and united by that negative policy. We know what we don't want.  Unionism is strong because it is negative. It is weakened when it tries to be positive." 

Psychology is on Geoff's side, in that the negative emotion, rejection of change through fear of loss, is usually more powerful than the expectation of gain.  However, I would not share the degree of pessimism.  Instead I'd contend that as Unionism has survived too much on the easy option of negativism it simply isn't very good at positive but it can learn to be better with it.

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