Monday, 2 August 2010

It's all been done before III

The Greens are in a preference pact with the Australian Labor Party and it appears they have decided to do a bit of piggy-backing on the Labor Party slogan.  In their TV ad they say:

"Your vote can move Australia forward."

Proving a popular phrase in 2010.  I find the the dual forward and back motion of the PEB a bit disorientating and thus does distract from the message.

Meanwhile the polls are continuing to shift against Labor with the latest poll putting them tied.  Any bounce from ditching Rudd seems to have quickly worn off with a strong suspicion that a series of leaks that have embarrassed Labor and its new Leader, Gillard, may be coming from her predecessor.


Chekov said...

I'm sure that as a highly informed chap you realise that the idea of always moving forward is a bit of a national theme in Australia. There's a longstanding popular belief that the kangaroo and the emu appear on the national coat of arms because they can only move forward. But I suppose the DUP came up with that idea too.

Lee said...

Tongue in cheek never was your style, hence you've missed the point.