Monday, 30 August 2010


I have taken advantage of the long lazy week-end not to bother shaving. Four days later it has reached decision time whether to ruin a razor blade removing it or just let it go onto a full beard.  I previously grew a half attempt at a goatee of which as far as I know there is only one photo of (thankfully in my possession.)  So dare I go the whole hog?

There is a very funny photo of my da at a similar age with full beard (for those who are his facebook friends you can check it out in his photos).  He looks somewhere between a yeti and a hippy. However, I fear if I did let it go it would just lead to allegations that I am a clone of this man (with better taste in ties of course).

I think I'll listen to this inspirational Spitting Image track while I make up my mind:

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