Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Abolish it

The Department of Education that is.  It is in the headlines again today on the issue of capital under-spends.  I realise this proposal will not be the most popular in Northern Ireland with the government doing it always a first preference and no it isn't driven by the present incumbent (although she's not a great advertisement to keep it going).

However, considering the range of issues surrounding education would it not be wisest to empower the parents? Instead of a department and boards making the decisions, government restricts its role to setting the curriculum, inspecting the schools and administering the vouchers.  Top-ups to the basic scheme on the basis of need, excellence and access (rural, language, disability) could potentially be included.  The rest of the decisions would be left to schools and parents.  Too much too soon?

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slug said...

This was actually proposed in Yes Prime Minister once.