Friday, 30 July 2010

"the memory of good men"

Issues connected with our past are a particular topic of conversation today but it is also the 20th anniversary of the murder of Ian Gow.  Bruce Anderson has a fitting tribute to him in today's Daily Telegraph.  In it he describes Gow as "the ultimate loyalist" in all meanings of the world.  Anderson also engages in some fantasy history arguing if Gow had lived he would have thwarted the anti-Thatcher coup.

In my opinion his resignation and murder were the last act and then snuffing of the Unionist tradition within the Conservative Party.  It rightly concludes that:

"...the memory of good men is an antidote against evil. Ian Gow left such a memory, in the hearts of all his friends."

(My thanks to a friend who emailed me the story.)


Dilettante said...

I'm a Conservative, and a Unionist. The Friends of the Union only closed down recently. We're still here, look at Cameron!

Lee said...

I've looked at Cameron and in my estimation he's an empty suit.