Friday, 9 July 2010

Learn a lesson

Eamonn Mallie has rather an unusual take on the lamentable situation that Michael Gove has caused with the school buildings programme in England. 

"Education Minister Michael Gove made a horlicks of his announcement on schools building programme. Absolute confusion. Take heart Caitriona." [my emphasis]

If Ruane is to do anything over the Gove debacle it should be to learn a valuable lesson.  Gove quickly acknowledged the error, accepted responsibility for it and publicly apologised to parliament and again to local councils.  He has even offered to go to one of the schools effected to apologise in person.  Ruane's behaviour has been the exact opposite, create complete confusion, try to hide information for as long as possible and blame everyone else.

Mitigation for Gove is that the errors appear unintentional not something that can be assumed with Ruane.

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