Friday, 23 July 2010


The news that the police officer will not be charged with the death of Iain Tomlinson is not surprising but that does not mean it should be accepted with a shrug.   Dizzy Thinks rightly point out it is the type of case that attracts the wild eyed but that should not be mitigation for the decision.  He defends the CPS decision arguing:

"whilst the CPS pretty much acknowledges that yes, the officer committed assault, the law has a time limit of six month and they've been investigating for 16 months, there is nothing they can do about it.
And let's be fair for a moment, nothing bar a manslaughter or even murder charge would be considered enough anyway, so, had they proceeded at pace with a common assault charge, there would have been screams of, yes, a whitewash and lack of justice."

This sidesteps the obvious question of whether the investigation really need to take 16 months when going over 6 months reduced the chances of a means of justice?  Add in the handling of the first autopsy and it becomes a pattern of official failure that can only feed the wild-eyed with conspiracy theories.  What is clear is the Tomlinson family deserved much better from officialdom from the start to finish of this debacle.

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