Friday, 2 July 2010

Hit's aa owre fur Ulster-Scotch - Positive into a negative

It seems I spoke too soon when I said that the new NISRA social attitudes survey into Ulster-Scots represented an overall positive picture.  The papers (in this case the News Letter) know better and it shows a negative picture.

The journalist copy conspiciously ignores the positive elsements I highlighted yesterday.  Instead it focuses on a number of other stats, for example 1% having attended a language or literature class - considering there is next to no provision of such classes I'm surprised the survey managed to find 1%.  The positive of 1 in 5 wanting to learn the language becomes 4 in 5 don't - for a lesser used minority language this is not unusual plus some language revivals would probably break your arm for that level of interest.  As regards attendance and participation of the general public that is not a Ulster-Scots specific issue but common for large swathes of the cultural and arts sector.


Dilettante said...

Why do you want Ulster Scots revived? Language revivals draw on communalist and nationalist sentiments. Its worse in Wales, funnier in Cornwall, but everywhere lamentable.

Lee said...

Because one of my identities is Ulster-Scot and as older relatives were fluent speakers it is part my family's cultrual wealth that risks being lost.

The motivations you ascribe to people in wales or cornwall are not what motivates me.