Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The other emergency

While attention was focused on the emergency budget, the name today was released of the 300th British soldier to die as a result of the Afghanistan campaign. He was Marine Richard Hollington, 23, of Petersfield, Hampshire. A further two Royal Marines have been killed in action since he died on Sunday.

The situation could not be more grave with a UN report highlighting a deteriorating situation in the country and crucially a revealing profile of the American General in charge of the campaign, McChrystal, in
Rolling Stone magazine lays bare the tensions within the American administration over strategy and the glaring holes in that strategy. This may yet cost him his job that with another change in leadership doing little to improve the situation.

As the
preparations for Armed Foces Day begin in earnest it is clear our troops in Afghanistan need not only our appreciation but a strategy to ensure the sacrifices achieve something meaningful.

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