Friday, 21 May 2010

Things that make you go hmmmmm

In the UCUNF Manifesto, it said:

"In Northern Ireland politics has been scarred by the number of ‘double jobbing’ MPs attempting to carry out dual mandates in Westminster and Stormont. The public is rightly opposed to this. Conservative and Unionist pressure at Westminster has already resulted in ‘double jobbing’ MPs no longer being able to claim two salaries. If elected, a Conservative and Unionist Government will go further and ban double jobbing outright."

Now that they are in government and their commitment to the Union becomes a policy of 'Don't annoy the shinners' they are now according to the News Letter making the case for them:

"If your voters think that you are capable of doing all of the jobs, then there is a serious question over what right legislators have to block that decision."


Anonymous said...

Two-faced UCUNF hypocrites given coverage for their back-tracking in the News Letter? Surely not!

Anonymous said...

Not a very wise point to go down the road of, considering the U-turn that the DUP MP/MLA/Cllrs have already indicated. People in glasshouses etc...