Thursday, 20 May 2010

Bigger Problem v Answer

One of the more interesting proposals in the ConDem Coalition is the intention to examine the West Lothian Question. If equality of citizenship is to be a core principle of the United Kingdom then it does need to be taken seriously.

Blair's decision that it did not matter was plain wrong and it was interesting how much the issue of Scottish MPs passing English legislation came up even when Labour had large majorities. It is also one would have came under significant focus if Labour had eeked out a few more seats and stayed in power through a coailtion deal with the Liberal Democrats. The Tory or Ken Clarke proposal of a dual class of MPs wasn't much of a solution either.

However, the other proposals of the Coalition deal actually make the West Lothian issue worse. It sets out to implement Calman and potentially increase the powers of the Welsh Assembly. hence it will make the Westy Lothian issues of the consitutional arrangements worse while it looks for answers to the problem.

PS The 55% nonsense is still included in its proposals.

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