Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Canada, Crisis and a Hung parliament

UCUNFers are getting hot under the collar about the issue of a hung parliament. Events can be troublesome things for the central narrative of a campaign so at present it is not easy to sell being 'at the heart of government' when polls show being 'at the heart of the opposition' equally if not more likely.

David Cameron returned again to the theme of a hung parliament warning that it could lead to
economic and political stagnation. It certainly could lead to political stagnation for the Conservatives. If a Labour Lib Dem coalition is the result of this election and they reform the electoral system it would be highly likely the Tories would be out of government for two parliamentary terms (based on past voting trends). Although those who think it would lead to a 'permanent' shift are probably over-stating the case as voting patterns will adapt to the new system. Labour expected they'd be the 'permanent' government of Scotland and Wales under devolution and that was quickly disproved.

As regards economic stagnation is it worth noting that Canada has managed to find a course through the economic difficulties while being governed by a minority Conservative administration?

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