Saturday, 27 March 2010

What if Cameron fails?

Iain Martin believes there will be a civil war within the Tories if Cameron fails to win them victory in the election. He argues there has been a trade off for the message discipline and silence of the various factions of the Conservative Party was based on the expected reward of power. Without the reward he believes it wil be a free for all.

However, the North Channel will not be any protection from the ramifications. Where will defeat leave the UCUNF partnership? As regards factions within the UUP perhaps today's challenge for the chairmanship gives an insight into internal divisions. A grassroots revolt occurred after the Hatfield talks were revealed and the outworking of that was Tim Lemon challenged incumbent David Campbell but was defeated by 183 votes to 130 votes.

Is this result an indication of pro or anti Unionist Unity sentiment? Or is it simply grassroots versus the establishment? UPDATE Mallie thinks its is an indicator of unionist unity sentiments. He argues Campbell is pro-Unity. Campbell has been the front-man but there is the question of his relationship with Trimble.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever happens it looks mighty close. So NI MPs will be important whether they are in UCUNF or DUP. The UCUNF MPs would be able to take up opposition spokesperson posts, even if they are not in the government.