Thursday, 18 March 2010

Deirdre's had enough

It is reported in today's Belfast Telegraph that Cllr Deirdre Nelson has resigned from the Conservatives. The article says:

"Mrs Nelson made no comment but it is understood she believes it was a mistake to quit the DUP last June."

When she quit the DUP 9 months ago to join the Tories, Owen Patterson said:

"This news shows that the mood for change is strong right across the United Kingdom."

The Northern Ireland Chairman, Tim Lewis said:

“The news of Deirdre’s defection so close to Thursday’s elections will come as a body blow to the DUP."

So what does her resignation from the Conservatives say?


O'Neill said...

So what does her resignation from the Conservatives say?

"I wasn't selected as candidate, so now I'm off"?

Anonymous said...

I suspect it says when doesn't get selected for a seat she throws her toys out of the cot.

Not selected by the DUP for EU's - joins Conservatives

Not Selected by the Conservatives for Westminister - resigns

DUP don't want her back so where does she go? Alliance? TUV? or more likely nowhere as party hoppers aren't all that popular.

Anonymous said...


You lot were perfectly happy to take her. You sang her praises, Paterson allowed himself to be pictured with her and now she has dumped all over UCUNF.

Karma's a bitch ain't it?

Lee said...


If what you say is true then Deirdre Nelson's behaviour throughout has been self-serving.

If this was the case why did the Conservatives accept such a person? How was such a person able to get through the Conservative candidate screening process? Why was such a person adopted as a Conservative nominee?

Why was such a person described as "...working incredibly hard for her constituents over the past four years and we are pleased to welcome her to our Party." or Pickles description of " a sensible person" to be now dismissed as self-serving?

Lee said...

Sorry that was more for anon

Comrade Stalin said...

God, don't let that mad lunatic anywhere near Alliance, or I'll chew my own tongue off.

Anonymous said...

But Stalin they owe you a Councillor; have Alliance ever had a Ballymena Councillor before? This could open up whole new parts of the country to you. :)